Why smart people hire copywriters:

Effective copy isn't just about savvy word play or perfect grammar. It's about connection, engagement, and inspiration. It's about building trust, providing value, being real, and getting your message across.

But the truth is, most of us are too close to our own vision to express it effectively.

Great copywriters know how to get in your world—AND the world of your audience—to establish the emotional connection that drives movement (a click, a purchase, or whatever action you're after).

A fresh, professional pair of eyes will cut to the core of your brand identity, get your vision, and express it in a voice that's distinctly YOU. 


Click on each item of interest below to reveal it's description. Not seeing what you need? Everything is customizable, so just ask. 



One-on-one power sessions that produce targeted results for your business. Focused time with me means you'll leave the session with serious clarity, focus, and some major things checked off the list. Develop your brand messaging strategy, outline your website, create your event collateral, or anything else you want to dive into. Choose from 1/2, full-day, or weekend work sessions.


Stuck in a haze of content confusion? Let's brainstorm your new company name, your next 10 blog topics, your webinar approach, or anything else you need support with. Calls start at 60 minutes.

CLARITY CALL - I'll help you get clear and focused on your next steps in this power-packed brainstorming session.

WORD-UP YOUR WEBSITE - Get a full review of your current site with specific suggestions on how to boost your user experience, content marketing effectiveness, and brand credibility—without having to sell a kidney!

PERFECT YOUR PITCH - Create an elevator pitch you're actually psyched to share.


In private sessions, you get to master anything your little heart desires. Goals are defined and the game plan is custom crafted to make the most of our time together. Work on existing material or create something entirely new! Packages start with 6 one-hour sessions.


Group workshops exercise your writing muscles in a fun, judgment-free zone. Each workshop is topic-specific and designed to have you master a specific set of skills. Learn to blog, write your website copy, refine your marketing message, establish your unique voice, and so on.

Group course topics are based on demand, so let me know what you'd like to learn!




This one-sheet wonder artfully fuses graphic design with thoughtfully crafted phrases for a high-impact impression in an instant.

Manifestos are the best way to share your unique point of view, and position yourself as an innovative, purpose-driven brand. Your audience will easily get who you are, what you're about, and why they should choose you above and beyond the competition.

Email to prospects, share at networking events, and post on social media. Custom messaging is visually branded so your vibe is unmistakable and absolutely memorable.

NAO Manifesto.png

Want something more traditional? See BRAND STATEMENT below...


PART 1: A 500-750 word bio highlighting your journey, your accomplishments, and your expertise, to be used on a website ABOUT page, LinkedIn profile, or other medium.

PART 2: A shortened version concisely delivering your core competencies and value proposition in one powerful paragraph.

PART 3: A super succinct and highly crafted sentence (or two) that powerfully communicates who you are and what you do.

Need a resume revamp? I've got your back!


Say goodbye to the stale, sleep-inducing mission statements of the past. Your brand statement shares your story, your stand, your value, and your vision in a sharp one-sheet that's just enough to inform and entice. Choose from just copy or include branded visuals.


This powerhouse PDF is a compilation of kick-ass marketing tools that will help you ensure consistent, cohesive messaging across all your platforms. Use it as a brand messaging baseline to train staff and keep everyone connected to your core identity. It's also an amazing way to give clients, prospects, and partners an informative peek inside your business.

Highlights include your brand statement, elevator pitch, key differentiators from competitors, language and visual branding guide, and manifesto. It's a deep dive that yields unmistakable clarity, confidence, and communication juju.



Lead your readers toward targeted action with persuasive landing page copy and calls to action that convert without coming off like a used car salesman.

Need strategic guidance and creative direction? Upgrade to include a branded webpage mockup with color and font selections, image placement, and content marketing strategy so your words and your visuals work together to WOW your audience.


Short, savvy, event-driven copy crafted in your voice to promote value, interest, and engagement.


Graphics + copy that highlight why your event is one not to be missed.


Includes content strategy, subject headline, taglines, and copy that leads reader to take action.



Your website is your storefront. It's your messaging home base. It's how people perceive your brand. It's your biggest opportunity to expand and connect with your audience, to educate and inform them on the value you provide, to distinguish yourself from the crowd of competitors, and to lead them into your sales funnel with killer products and services.

The reality is, amazing web design without solid copy is like having a beautiful mansion with nothing but a cardboard box to sit on inside. Even if you get some curious onlookers, no one's sticking around to see what you're cooking for dinner.

And likewise, having great copy without a well-designed site is like furnishing the inside of your house "to the nines" while leaving the outside looking like a dilapidated crack den. No one's coming in (no one you want, at least).

Bottom line: You need both to be effective.

I teach website copywriting courses and the importance of clean, user-frienly design, so I understand both sides and how they come together, (a rareity for a writer).

Check out the options below and then let's talk about which will best shift your game.


A visual mockup of your site design AND content! It includes:

1) Visual branding: design style, colors, fonts, image direction

2) Site outline: site structure, functionality, and content navigation strategy

3) Content layout: your custom copy intentionally placed to drive prospects to your calls to action

Why do a site mockup? Get a clear picture of your site’s design before it’s executed. See how your content and functionality will work together and have the freedom to make adjustments.

With creative decisions clearly defined and illustrated, both you and the developer save time, effort, cost, and confusion. Less time explaining revisions, corresponding, and wondering whether or not your vision will get lost in translation.

A shorter turnaround means your new site is up faster—and so is your next-level biz!

Site development services: WORD-OLOGY can connect you with our intimate network of developers who are available to execute web services. Price points depend on project parameters, skill level and experience. All developers work in Wordpress, unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: Please be aware that while we may suggest resources to assist you in the process, we cannot be responsible for contracts you enter into with outside vendors.


Sometimes great messaging is buried under flavorless copy. If you've got a solid structure and lead generating strategy down, you may just need a simple "spicing up" of existing content to better establish your brand voice and distinguish you from competitors. In most cases, a more extensive revamp is necessary. #truth

Your site's messaging, design, AND functionality must work together to produce a user friendly site experience. That's where WORD-OLOGY comes in.