Website copy and content layout, branded manifesto, messaging deck, blog and newsletters, e-mails, marketing guides/tip sheets.

My work with Nikki Ostrower began with a few promotional flyers. She had a clear vision—to grow her home-based nutrition business into a leading wellness brand. Her ultimate goal was to open a wellness center in NYC that could serve as the lifeline for busy professionals committed to healthy living. While she had a steady stream of clients, she was just scratching the surface of her success to come.

She's since expanded into an office in the trendy Meatpacking District of downtown Manhattan, has a team of in-house nutritionists, has been published in over a dozen prominent health & wellness publications, has a waiting list of new clients, and most recently opened her West Village wellness center, NAO Wellness. As NAO continues to expand, so does our work together. 

Work created: rebranded website (including copy, creative direction, and content layout), messaging strategy, thought leader speech, marketing materials, in-house brand messaging brief, bi-weekly newsletter content, creative consulting (including some very fun photo shoots).

What's next? A second website rebrand to incorporate the wellness center is in development.

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