YOU: Someone ready to make your mark. You've got a powerful vision to express, so your message has to connect, engage, and inspire bold action in a voice that's true to you. 

ME: A seasoned copywriter and creative consultant with the communication skills, marketing savvy, and the creative vision to get you there in style. 

If only dating were this easy! ;)

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I'm Sabrina Cohen -- WORD-OLOGY's lead copywriter, communications specialist, and creative director. 

I deliver sharp, targeted writing and multi-media content for businesses, brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs.  

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WORD-OLOGY's clients range from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 brands. Each project demands its own style and tone. Whether it's personal or professional, formal or casual, WORD-OLOGY will express your vision with clarity and conviction, so you can get the word out (no pun intended), connect with your audience, and inspire them into action.  

While WORD-OLOGY is currently based in New York, its clients are all over the world. 

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The backstory: I began writing everything from short stories to song lyrics as a young girl. I even got myself into trouble in the sixth grade for trying to sell a soap opera-style series that included all my classmates as the cast of characters. The few who weren't happy with their storylines understandably revolted (aka, ratted me out to the teacher). Pretty ballsy, now that I think about it. 

I loved breaking out my dad's monstrosity of a video camera every chance I got, to "produce" super cheesy school projects. I was no Spielberg, but that certainly explains my movie obsession and years in film production. 

That love of storytelling and creative expression ultimately led to WORD-OLOGY. I now get to fulfill my passions—and alleviate an ongoing case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)—by diving into the world of my clients and exploring what their work is all about. It's fun to play in different places for a bit. 

Experience in visual mediums like film, photography, and design has uniquely shaped my range and perspective as both a writer and creative consultant. I've produced creative content for the web, print, and TV, and I love that there's no box for my creativity. Watch my commercials here.